Message from principal

Dear friends, well. Here we are. We are going digital!!! The who
le world is comprehensively shrunk into the mighty powerful media web called the ‘internet’. It looks new and fascinating for the old minds, still struggling to handle a cell phone. But not so with the young minds of the present ‘Millennial Generation’. Before you fiddle with the keys of your new cell phone, the little child has already got into the ethereal world of the computer and the internet. The old teachers are at a loss to keep pace with the young minds of today. Just what does the present generation look like? It is better to look at the generation as it has evolved from the past.

The inter war generation (1920 and 1959) went for having more children – the people were patriotic, devoted to nationalistic values, obeyed parents and elders and God fearing. The joint family system was very much appreciated.  A different culture started with the advent of Music Channel in TV. It was followed by Generation X (1960 to 1979) which went for limiting the number of children in the family. The joint family system slowly gave way to separation of families. Cultural and traditional values took different shapes. The newly married preferred to get away from their parents and planned their own family with one or two children. God and elders were just ritual figures. ‘The Millennial Generation’ (as they didn’t want to be called ‘Generation Y’) (1980 to 2003…) is quite independent. They are also known as computer or internet generation. They listen to the media more than to the parents or elders. Their IQ is high but the Emotional Quotient and Social Quotient are low.

Now it is the children of the Millennial Generation, we have to give education. The school aims at assisting these millennial children to become good citizens of India.  To achieve this end, we make them realize their dignity as children of God, develop their physical, intellectual, moral, social, creative and aesthetic faculties, cultivate in them love and appreciation for their culture and traditions, inculcate in them the sense of values, foster in them social awareness and prepare them to face the challenges of life. In a nutshell, our vision is to help the students to know themselves through God and their fellowmen and to prepare them to serve humanity in a better way.

The present generation is in a challenging situation. There is competition everywhere. The whole surrounding, the environmental factors affect them very much. Hence the teachers have to keep themselves abreast of the children in knowledge and understanding of the world. The teachers need to enter into the psychology of the child, being aware of their own background. So it is an ongoing formation for children as well as for teachers. Our education is not unilateral but multifaceted – involving collaboration among all in touch with the children, the parents, the teachers, the society and all those interested in the welfare of the future generation! Let us build a beautiful secular country with our beautiful children – the hope of our Nation.