Sports and games: Sports and Games form an integral part of the curriculum. Lessons such as team work, leadership, fair play and humility learnt on the play field go on a long way towards building good citizens. Students are trained in Yoga, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Throw ball, Kabaddy, Kho-Kho, Martial Art and Gymnastics.


Debates, group Discussions, Dramaticsm, Recitation, Creative Writing etc.


Performing Arts: Dance, Music

Visual Art:

Drawing and Painting, Rangoli, Board decorating, flower arrangement etc

Civic Development

Celebration of National Days and religious Festivals

School Club:

Clubs and forums provide the students a platform to sharpen their skills and work towards common goals. The clubs enlisted below encourage participations of students under the experienced mentorship of faculties and House Masters.

  1. Social and community Service Club
  2. Literacy and art club
  3. Science Club
  4. Quiz club
  5. Eco Club
  6. English debate club
  7. Hindi debate club
  8. Health and wellness club.