A brief history of St. Mary’s Convent School, Amroha

Welcome to our websiteA long cherished dream of Rt. Rev. Bishop Patrick Nair and Rt. Rev. Bishop Oswald Lewis to have a mission station and school at Amroha has come to true. Bishop had asked them priest in charge at Bachroan to look for the suitable land. Fr. Albert tried his best but could not succeed. In the year 1998 Fr. Albert was transferred from Bachroan and Fr. Mark Lobo took charge. He together with father Vareethia started looking for the land. On Daud Sarai road they found out 43 bighas of land. The land was purchased in the name of catholic Diocese of Meerut and registered in the month of January 24, 2001. Plan and proposed and sanctioned for the school, convent and the Parish house.

Meanwhile Bishop Oswald contacted some congregations to take up the school. He met superior General of Seva Missionary Sisters Chennai and requested them to come over to Amroha. The request was granted. The school building foundation was laid by Rt. Rev. Bishop Oswald Lewis on 10-12-2002. On 26th April admissions were started for the classes L.K.G. and U.K.G. since building was not ready, opening session was postponed till July. It was not too easy task to the priest had to come from Bachraon to look after the work. Fr. Mark tried his best without paying much heed to the cold wind of winter and the hot sun of summer.

Sr. Elsy.K.O was appointed as the first Principal together with Sr. Joya, Sr. Jolly and Sr. Jancy. Fr. Mark Lobo was appointed as the first manager on 7th July the most remarkable and golden day was dawned for St. Mary’s Convent School, when we entered new school, building with 110 little ones together with the parents. It was a dream which was come true. It was the tireless effort and self sacrifice of Father, Sisters and been interested of the parents made the school to grow rapidly.

I thank Rt. Rev. Bishop Patrick Nair and Rt. Rev. Bishop Oswald Lewis for their support and encouragement. I would like to thank specially Bishop Oswald Lewis for his Visits and timely corrections which help us to march forward. He is also the president of this institution.

Above all we implore to God Almighty the source of wisdom and knowledge to fill us with his spirit so that our work may not go in vain but bear fruit.

Thank You